Welcome to the Basketball BC Parents page. We will be populating this space with articles and information relevant to basketball parents. We will include information about recruiting, questions to ask when enquiring about programs, how and when to communicate with your child's coach, information on nutrition, and tips on how  to avoid overtraining and injury. 

Parent Information

Mumps in Sport Information 

Long Term Athlete Development for Parents

Canada Basketball Concussion Protocol

So you are being recruited – some questions to ask

Questions/Information to Ask of Programs

National Coaching Certification Program

Being the Parent of an Elite Basketball Player

TeamSnap Podcast: How to select the right coach for your young athlete (a number of great podcasts, courtesy of viaSport, available through this link)


School Administrator Magazine - August 2015 - Some great article on school athletics topics including one by our own Chris Kennedy!

When to Specialize Youth in Sports

Your Kid and My Kid are Not Playing in the Pros

Sport Parents Must Have Realistic Expectations

Top Ten Sports Parenting Myths

Rowan’s Law: How the death of one teen is serving as a wake-up call for Canada on handling youth concussions - Part 1 of a four-part investigation of youth sports and concussions - Province Newspaper

TeamSnap Blog: Vicarioius vs Supportive Parents: Do You Live Through or With Your Child (courtesy of viaSport)

Athlete Specialization (NEW)

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