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Train to Complete (T2C) Program – “CERTIFIED” 

This program is:
  •  for the coach who works with athletes aged 15-21 years of age
  •  a series of modules that will take 1 to 2 years to complete and is designed for the coach at the secondary school or the university level
  •  separated into 9 basketball modules:
  •  3 clinic modules - Skills, Tactics and Strategies, and Planning
    •  each clinic module is 12 to 16 hours in length and is offered once per year
  •  6 general Competition – Development Theory modules: Coaching & Leading Effectively, Managing Conflict, Leading Drug-free Sport, Developing Athletic Abilities, Prevention & Recovery and Psychology of Performance
  •  each theory module can be completed in person or online through Viasport or the Coaching Association of Canada
The Train to Compete course is coordinated and offered through Canada Basketball.  

See Game Plan for fees and registration.

To complete the “Certified” status for this program, the coach will:
  1. complete all 6 basketball theory modules and attend all 3 clinic modules
  2. request the Coach Portfolio and NCCP Evaluation registration link from the Manager, Coach Education
  3. register for the NCCP Evaluation (at the link provided)
  4. complete the Coach Portfolio and submit it to the Manager, Coach Education for evaluation
  5. receive acceptance of the Coach Portfolio from the Manager, Coach Education
  6. pass an evaluation of the coach’s practice (evaluated by a provincial evaluator)

It is recommended that the coach who wishes to pursue Competition - Development "Certification" begin completing the Competition-Development Theory modules. For more information on these modules go to  

Please note: coaches do not have to complete the NCCP Learn to Train or NCCP Train to Train programs to take NCCP Train to Compete.


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