National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Basketball BC supports and encourages the development of coaches in BC.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a coach training and certification program for more than 60 sports in Canada.  The basketball program was developed by Canada Basketball in conjunction with the Coaching Association of Canada to improve the standard of coaching through education.  


The NCCP uses a competency-based approach where the coach is:
  •  trained in NCCP outcomes relevant to the athletes they are coaching
  •  evaluated by demonstrating coaching outcomes to a specific standard


The NCCP Basketball program is delivered by Basketball BC and Canada Basketball though clinics or program challenges.  The goal is for the coach to become “trained” and/or “certified” in the NCCP Community and/or Competition pathways.


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Coaching Resources

Basketball BC recommends the following coaching resources:

Game Plan - Canada Basketball's coach education website

Coaching Association of Canada

Responsible Coaching Movement

Long Term Athlete Development

Multi-sport Athletes

FIBA Rule Book

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Shaun McGuinness, Manager, Coach Education

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