July 25, 2022
The Dolphin Classic, an outdoor 4x4 basketball tournament, returned July 22-24 2022 after a 2 year postponement. The event took place at the newly resurfaced courts at Southarm Community Centre in Richmond and offered free Admission, beer garden and food concessions, and a dunk & 3 point contest.
Every year, the organizers have provided the BC Basketball Referees a unique referees jersey. Past uniforms have included bright orange & even lime green! This year, the Dolphin committee is proud to supply the referees with Black & Pink Stripes, along with their pink whistles and lanyards, in an effort to help raise awareness of the Pink Whistle ~ Cancer Fundraising Campaign
Thank you for your continued support of Dolphin Basketball and the Pink Whistle Campaign 🏀😎 In 13 years the BC Basketball Officials have raised over $162,000 for the BC Cancer Foundation. Donations to the Pink Whistle Legacy Fund can be made HERE.
Bruce Watson for Dolphin information ~ bwatson9@shaw.ca
Karn Dhillon for Pink Whistle information ~ kdhillon86@gmail.com

February 7, 2022

Over 600 Basketball BC Referees getting it done with your backing.


Take 2 mins to watch/and a few seconds to share our story.
Thank you for your awesome support.

Karn Dhillon & Mike Craig - GVBOA
Basketball BC Pink Whistle Team

January 28, 2022

The 2022 Basketball BC Pink Whistle fundraising campaign is officially underway.

Starting Monday, all basketball referees in BC are being asked to wear pink whistles with pink lanyards to heighten the awareness of cancer in our lives.

Help us to eradicate this horrible disease.

It’s NOW time to make a difference by making a donation to our cause.

Please hit the link to our donation site:


The campaign is scheduled from Jan 31st – Feb 19th 2022.

No donation is too small.

A tax receipt can be generated electronically in appreciation of your generosity.

This year we’ve also chosen to share the personal stories of some of our supporters.

1) "Hello it's Lawrie Johns.

I have been involved in basketball, including 15 years of officiating. Presently I’m the Executive Director of Basketball BC. This allows me to work with and see the work of basketball officials in BC. More specifically, the referees and their wonderful work with cancer awareness and fundraising for the past 12 years. 

I feel a special familiarity to BC Officials as part of the transition team leading the previous BCBOA into full membership with Basketball BC. Even more important is that I lost my wife Barb to two types of cancer. I’m pretty sure there’s no one I know who’s not been touched by this disease and I pledge all I can to join the battle.

All the basketball community needs to be proud of our officials as they raise dollars to assist the fight with the Pink Whistle campaign in 2022.

2) My name is Chad Clifford ~ Owner and Director of DRIVE Basketball. 

7 years ago I lost my father to Cancer. My mother is a cancer survivor. The initiative created by the Pink Whistle Campaign is something that is very close to my heart. 

The sad reality is, Everyone has been affected by cancer in some form or another.  It’s very important for myself and my family to give back In order to help fight against this awful disease. 

I'm proud to support our Basketball Referees as we look to raise funds and awareness of cancer and I strongly urge you to do the same. 

Please share this e-mail with at least one other person.

Please take a moment to consider a donation.

Karn Dhillon
Basketball BC Pink Whistle Team

March 8, 2021:

The BCBOA (BC Basketball Officials Association) would like to say:
"THANK YOU" to our friends and family members who have made a generous contribution to our 2021 Pink Whistle Cancer Awareness fund.
We not only managed to hit our fundraising goal, we did so by surpassing our all-time one year donation total.
In 2021, you helped us raise $26,387.00 for a 12 year total of just under $113,000.00.
Our determination to raise funds and awareness without the advantage of "in person cash donations" while watching games in a gym was met with a resounding response from the sporting community and media supporters. 

A month ago, I wondered out loud if the Coaches, Fans & Players missed the Referees as much as we missed being on the court with them.
In a sense I'd say that Covid conditions galvanized us. 
Thank You for finding the silver lining in the clouds.
I'm extremely proud to say that in 2021, we were all on the same team.
Take a bow and let's hear the cheer of the crowd. 🏆

The donation site will remain open so that others might lock in their 2021 tax receipts.
Always take a glance at the donor scroll to recognize our partners. 

On behalf of the Pink Whistle Team:
Mike Craig, Sean March, Eric Kuntz, Brent Sutter, Mike Porteous, Lee Brien and Me, we look forward to seeing you on the court again soon.🏀

Mr. Karn Dhillon
BCBOA Director of Administration

March 1, 2021:

We made it to March and the final donations for Pink Whistle 2021 are trickling in.

The numbers are tracking to take us close to our all-time high of just over $25,000.
Thanks to everyone who have donated and to those who have helped to share our story via social media. 
* A Special Thanks to:
  • Mark Booth at the Delta Optimist / Richmond Review, 
  • Steve Ewen at The Vancouver Sun / The Province 
  • and of course Howard Tsumura of Varsity Letters
Please take a moment and click onto our donation site and celebrate those on our “donor scroll”.


We will wrap things up and let you know our final totals at the end of the week.
On behalf of our Pink Whistle Team, stay safe & stay healthy. 
It’s almost time to watch and enjoy a little March Madness. 🏀

Most sincerely,

Mr. Karn Dhillon
BCBOA Director of Administration

Feb. 22, 2021:

Late in December the Pink Whistle committee met via a zoom call to discuss the merits and logistics of running a campaign. At that time, We realized that there was a big chance for no basketball games, no opportunity for cash donations, and no opportunity for our signage to appear at game venues. Today with over $17,000 in new donations, and over $100,000 donated in 12 years, we realize the importance of the 2021 campaign. Despite the speed bumps we were facing, the committee insisted that we continue to raise awareness of cancer. After all, Our speed bumps don’t come close to the hurdles faced by families and our colleagues who have dealt with cancer. The fight continues.

Here’s a look at the BCBOA donation page on the BC Cancer Foundation donation site 

If you’re thinking of donating and need a nudge, do take a peek at the collection of familiar names who’ve donated. Thank you to all in the Basketball community (Officials, Coaches, Players, Fans, Supporters) who have donated and who’ve helped to spread the word via social media.

The 2021 campaign ends at the end of this week.
Let’s give it one last push to get it across the finish line.
Please share our story.

Mr. Karn Dhillon
BCBOA Director of Administration


This past week, the BC Basketball Officials launched our 12th year of the Pink Whistle campaign. It began when my sister, my nephew and a fellow official were all fighting various kinds of cancer at the same time. Instead of wallowing, I was energized by them so that we could look to find a silver lining in the clouds. The concept of wearing pink whistles to raise awareness of cancer, and to encourage its prevention and eradication was born. In our first year we raised about $2000. As you read this update, we are within a few dollars of the $100,000 mark in overall donations. This badge of honour belongs to those who have battled cancer, the cancer survivors and to you for your ongoing support. 

A week ago our opening request was met with a powerful response of generosity. The rally from the basketball family including former players, coaches, referees, fans and sponsors has defied all expectations. Neither Covid nor the cold weather can get in the way of our fight.

For those who have already donated, please share your generosity with friends and family. The words, "thank you" simply cannot express our appreciation for your support.

For those who are considering a donation, please click onto Our online donation site: 

Your 2021 tax receipt is easily attainable when you donate here.
Also, The scroll of donors is indeed impressive as it displays unheralded support for this initiative..... WOW - what teamwork !!

Again, on behalf of our Pink Whistle Team, Let's CRUSH cancer.
We only have about 2 weeks remaining in the campaign.
Here's our You Tube video for 2021:

Stay safe. Stay healthy. 
Most sincerely,

Mr. Karn Dhillon
BCBOA Director of Administration