HPT programming focuses on developing: Skilled, Focused, Strong, Dynamic, Decisive, Prepared and Competitive Athletes.

These are the attributes that define an elite basketball athlete.

Program Pillars are dedicated to improving athlete knowledge and performance in the following areas:

Basketball Skills – Emphasizing:
Global Basketball Skills                      Decision Making                     Dynamic Play

Physical Development – Focusing On:
Strength                     Agility             Quickness                   Nutrition

Mental/Social/ Emotional Skills – Stressing:
Mental Skills               Preparedness             Teamwork         Leadership        Life skills

Individual Athlete training is based on both a program yearly training plan (YTP) and an individual training plan (IPP). Athletes have an assigned HPT coach that monitors and assesses the athlete’s development through these plans.

Integrated Support Team (IST) is an integral part of the overall HPT program providing athlete support and key knowledge with regards to off court training.

Our IST consists of:
Program Trainer     Program Analyst     Nutritionist     Mental Trainer     Physiotherapist     Chiropractor

These areas have been highlighted by Basketball Canada as essential in the overall development of the athlete. All Athletes receive a training program that will be helpful in targeting those areas.

“Basketball B.C.’s TAS program provides exceptional training and support services in all aspects of an athlete’s development including basketball, physical, mental, and social/emotional.
Their technical and coaching staff, and sport science and sport medicine staff, are world class and use training practices which are fully aligned and integrated with our Canadian women’s high performance program so that NextGen athletes from British Columbia who are tracking along the Podium Pathway are well prepared for the rigors of being a high performance athlete in women’s basketball.”
Denise Dignard
Canada Basketball Director of Women’s High Performance


“The integration and alignment between Canada Basketball and Basketball BC has been key in allowing players from BC to perform at their highest when representing Canada on the international stage. It has also allowed more players to make these teams. Basketball BC’s TAS program mirrors what is being done with Canada Basketball’s age group programming (cadet and junior teams).
They have an integrated support team (IST) that includes strength and conditioning, prehab and rehab, mental training, and nutrition. In the basketball pillar the alignment of the coaching staff to the terminology, skill, concepts, decision making and individual performance plans (IPP’s) of Canada Basketball makes it a player centred model. Basketball BC and Canada Basketball are committed to developing players and NCCP trained coaches who are transformational rather than transactional.”
Mike MacKay
Canada Basketball Performance Manager, Women's High Performance


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