What is Pod Training?

Pod training is player focused and designed to help identified elite players reach their potential. The training is in small groups and designed to meet the needs of the individual player. Each pod is coached by an experienced certified Canada Basketball NCCP coach. Pod training sessions will also be complimented periodically with additional assistant, guest and mentor coaches.

The curriculum is generated in alignment with current key concepts of play and point of emphasis from Canada Basketball.Pod training is based on a nationally developed curriculum, allowing room for individual coach input etc.. The focus of pod training is to fit the needs of the individual athlete so there is some inherent variance in each pod as the athlete's needs vary.

The Pod program is part of our High Performance programming and, when combined with Provincial team participation, is viewed as a comprehensive Yearly Training Program. It is linked directly with Canada Basketball's Targeted Athlete Strategy, and is recognized by Canada Basketball as the only pathway for inclusion in National Team Age Group participation, including Identification and Assessment camps.

Who attends Pod Training?

Participation is on an invitation only basis as this program is designed for provincially and nationally targeted athletes. These athletes have been identified through observations and consultations from various sources including, Basketball B.C., Canada Basketball and selected University coaches. Additional athletes will be selected through open tryouts that occur throughout the province in September.

When is Pod Training?

Girls - Pod Training will be based on 12 small group sessions plus combined group sessions (Large Pod) on a designated weekend in September, October and April. Large Pod has all pod participants grouped together - a total of 4 sessions each weekend.
Each training session is approximately 2 hours. Large Pod sessions occur on weekends while small pod sessions will most often take place on a weekday evening.

Boys - Pod Training will occur on weekends locally in Kelowna and Metro Vancouver. A Large Pod weekend, which combines both groups, will take place in September or October. There will be a total of 24 training sessions. Each training sessions is approximately 2 hours.

Where is Pod Training?

Small Pod training takes place locally; limiting travel time and costs for the athlete. This also allows for easier planning and access to the coach.

Pod Training and Additional Training?

The overall plan for these targeted athletes includes additional time focusing on strength, mental, nutrition and athleticism development. All of these areas have been highlighted by Basketball Canada as essential in the overall development of the athlete. The plan is, that within pod training, each athlete will be given an individual training program that will be helpful in targeting those areas. the concern is to make sure there is not training overload in one area and that the athlete is also putting time into off court training.

As athletes may also be participating in other sports along with academic demands and stressors we constantly need to be cognizant of their overall training load.

Where else is Pod Training occurring?

Other provinces have initiated Pod training programs over the last few years with very good results. Ontario leads the way with the most Pods. They feel that pods have been instrumental in developing players, improving their overall level of play in their province and helping in placing a record number of athletes on Canada Basketball rosters. 

Parent / Player Meeting:

An initial information meeting for participants and parents takes place prior to the first local small pod. Player's local high school and club coaches may also attend so that they get familiar with the Pod Program. Those coaches are also viewed as essential in the overall development of our players, so familiarity with the players' training plan and schedule helps to alleviate and minimize conflicts.

Note: There will also be a presentation of the program for parents and players on the first Large Pod weekend.

Player Evaluations?

Players receive both an on court skill evaluation, off court SAQ evaluation, a Functional movement screen and also receive evaluation and information on Nutrition and Mental Preparation. Player evaluations are based on Canada Basketball criteria using the GMP - Gold Medal Profile - for assessment.