Centre for Performance Program

For 2019 - athletes entering Grades 8-10 in the fall (ages 13-15 by the end of 2019)

The Centre for Performance (CP) Program is the second level of the Basketball BC High Performance Program and is part of Basketball Canada's overall Targeted Athlete Strategy (TAS). 

The CP program takes place in the fall and has an open tryout - see below for tryout information and schedule.  Successful athletes from the tryouts will be invited to participate in the program.  An athlete may receive a direct invitation based on prior identification (Futures Program) or evaluation through Provincial Team participation.

The CP Program is:
  •  is based on a regional training centre model which targets high potential athletes and provides them with advanced level training and experiences to assist in elite level player development
  •  ​is designed to teach the international (FIBA) game that includes both individual and team offensive and defensive skills and to learn various aspects of sports science that are necessary to become an elite basketball player
  •  ​will have boys and girls training sites in Metro Vancouver 
CP Training includes:
  •  36 hours of on court individual skill and team training
    •  ​12 - 3hr sessions during 6 weekends (girls) and 5 weekends (boys) from September to October 
    •  each weekend will consist of training sessions on Saturday and Sunday
  •  up to 6 hours of off court training, strength, agility and quickness training, functional movement screening, mental training and nutritional workshops
  •  ​off court training (girls) will take place on Saturday after the on-court sessions

Program Fee: $525 (includes GST)  Fee will not be adjusted for partial participation
(A 2019-20 Basketball BC Athlete membership is required for participation.  The membership fee of $15 will be added to the registration if required.)


CP Tryouts  

Note: The registration system will not accept athletes outside the age requirement.  
Underage athletes MUST receive approval to register for the tryout from the appropriate program Manager - see below. 

Tryout Fee:  $0
(A 2019-20 Basketball BC Athlete membership is required for participation.  The membership fee of $15 will be added to the registration if required.)

Sat, September 7
LEC (North/South)
Sat, September 7
LEC (West/Centre/East)
Sun, September 8

* - athlete entering Grade 8-10 in Fall 2019 (ages 13-15 by the end of 2019)

Manager, Girls High Performance: 
Shaun McGuinness
Manager, Boys High Performance: Joe Enevoldson

Registration Information

TRYOUT REGISTRATION: ONLINE ONLY registration opens July 31
DEADLINE: September 4

PROGRAM REGISTRATION: ONLINE ONLY BY INVITATION (registration/payment information will be emailed to the selected athletes and their parents)
DEADLINE: September 18 (direct invitation deadline is September 1)

PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE THE DEADLINE AS REGISTRATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR - In accordance with Basketball BC policy, all participants must be preregistered (for the correct tryout/clinic/program) to attend each specific Basketball BC tryout/clinic/program.  

PLEASE SELECT THE CORRECT REGISTRATION - A registration list for each specific tryout/clinic/program will be used to confirm the participants.  Only those individuals on each specific registration list will be allowed to participate.  Basketball BC is not responsible for any user errors which may result in an individual being excluded from participating in the tryout/clinic/program if the individual is not on the registration list.  

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE - If the individual is registered for the wrong tryout/clinic/program, the individual will need to be registered for the correct tryout/clinic/program before the stated registration deadline.  Please send a refund request for the original registration to Basketball BC.  An administration fee will be charged in accordance with our Refund Policy.

EMAIL CONFIRMATION - Upon successful completion of the registration (and payment), an email confirmation will be sent to the Account Holder (Parent if account is for a child).  The email may be sent to a "junk" folder depending on the email filter - please check that the junk folder is not set to "auto delete".  If you do not receive or cannot find the email in the junk folder, contact Basketball BC to confirm that the individual is registered for the tryout/clinic/program.



If you have paid for a program/event and are unable to attend, you must email Basketball BC to request a refund.  

The following policy will be applied to all refund requests.  If the request is within the policy, the refund will be processed to the credit card used in the online registration transaction.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.
Basketball BC is not responsible for any loss of funds if notification is not provided and a refund is processed to an invalid or expired credit card. 
NOTE: Program fees cannot be transferred to another program

Player and coach memberships
  • No refund - player and coach memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE (exception - see Full Refund)
Player camps and Coaching clinics 
  • Refund less an administration fee - up to 5 days prior to the start of the program or event
  • No refund - within 5 days of start of the program/event 
  • No refund - for partial participation
POD Training/Centre for Performance
  • No refund after the start of program (exception - see Withdrawal Due to Injury)
Provincial Teams
  • Refund less an administration fee – if a replacement player is available to fill the vacant spot.  The refund will be equal to the fee less the sum of the cost of participation to date, cost of provincial team apparel, and an administration fee.
Team Events/Tournaments
  • Refund less an administration fee - up to 2 weeks before the start of the tournament or event.
Withdrawal Due to Injury (must provide a doctor’s note)
  • Partial refund MAY be considered on a case by case basis. An administration fee may still be assessed.
Administration Fee
  • The administration fee for all refunds will be assessed at 10% of the program/event registration fee 
Full Refund 
  • If there is a program change in date and/or time by BASKETABLL BC and registrant is not able to attend due to the change (valid for a up to a week of notice of change)
  • If a membership fee was purchased with the program registration (relates to program change above), as long as the membership was not used to register for another Basketball program/event

Refund request?


Updated July 29, 2019