Community Listings

Basketball BC is accepting basketball listings for posting on our website - camps, clinics, etc.  
Events listed are neither associated with nor endorsed by Basketball BC.

Community Listings


Listing Rates

Banner/Header: $26.25 (includes GST)
 - all listings must have a banner or header
 - banner (.jpg or .png) must be submitted by client or text header will be used
 - banner size – maximum 800 x 150 pixels

Per line of listing or information: $26.25 (includes GST)
 - line of information size – subject to Basketball BC

Poster/Oversized Graphic: $52.50 (includes GST)
 - poster/graphic size (.jpg or .png) – maximum 400 x 500 pixels

Payment (by credit card only) is required before the camp listing is posted.


Request a Listing

Please download the Community Listings Form and send with graphics (banner/poster) to
The total fee will be confirmed before payment is processed.
Acceptance and content subject to Basketball BC.  Please allow up to 5 business day for payment processing and posting.

Community Listings Form

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