August 18th, 2014Straight from the Coach's Mouth - Rich Goulet

Rich Goulet, a member of the Basketball BC Hall of Fame and recipient of the "Prime Ministers Volunteer Award", spoke recently following the Canada Basketball Nationals tournament in Edmonton. 

BBC: Rich, thanks very much for doing this, we appreciate your time.

RG: You're welcome, thanks for having me.

BBC: Ok let's start off with, what is your hometown?

RG: Maillardville (Coquitlam), BC

BBC: How long have you been coaching basketball?

RG: This will be my 49th year!

BBC: Wow! Ok and what would you say is your favourite aspect of the game? 

RG: I would have to say it's working with all the young athletes over the years. It's always a challenge of course, but always fun in the end.

BBC: What would be your most memorable moment from this year's National's?

RG: Looking back, I would say the way we recovered to beat Newfoundland 98-90 after losing to New Brunswick the night before. That was a very good moment for us.

BBC: What are some characteristics you look for in a player?

RG: At the elite level, someone who is versatile. A player who is able to play at his position as well as contribute to the overall game offensively and defensively. They have to be able to make adjustments to what's happening at that moment. Some of the best players have come out of their original positions to play other positions very well.

BBC: Which British Columbia player has influenced the game of Basketball the most and why?

RG: That's a really interesting question. I've worked with Steve Nash on the Provincial team and he's definitely influential. There are lots of people who have influenced the game over the years but I would have to say Steve.

BBC: What advice would you give young players?

RG: I would tell them to get out and play and work at their game. Get started early and be competitive. Get to a program where you can play early on. Play a lot, practice a lot and develop your skills. The sooner you can get started at it, the better. 

BBC: Ok now for some 'lighter' side questions. Your favourite sports book of all time?

RG: Right now I'm reading Bench Rules, A Guide to Success On and Off the Bench by Kevin Christensen. To me, this would be the portable book for every player in the province. It's an easy read and very valuable for both kids and parents.

BBC: Favourite NBA or College Athlete?

RG: I try not to latch onto favourites because there are so many but I was a big Larry Bird and Magic Johsnon fan, oh and MJ of course.

BBC: Favourite NBA or College Team?

RG: Michigan State

BBC: Do you have a favourite pre-game meal?

RG: Not really but if I was going to eat anything, it would have to be pasta.

BBC: Favourite song or artist you listen to on the way to games?

RG: Nope, just whatever is on the radio.

BBC: Finally, favourite inspirational quote?

RG: Not really but I'm sure I've used all of them at one time or another. You would have to ask my players!

BBC: Thanks so much for your time, enjoy your summer and all the best.

RG: You're very welcome.

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