July 7th, 2023BC Officials Selected for the U15/U17 National Championships

The following BC Officials have been selected to referee at the U15/U17 National Championships this summer.

U15 Female in Calgary:

  • Mareesa Kelly 
  • Allyson Schweitzer 
  • Hanae Yaskawa 
  • Kerry Rokosh (Referee Coach) 

U15 Male in Sherbrooke: 

  • Dalton Lee Goudy 
  • Tyler Seal 

U17 Female in Calgary:

  • Courtney Sampson 
  • Frank Rau (Alternate) 

U17 Male in Sherbrooke: 

  • Keita Eto
  • Alexander Ngai
  • Philip Wong
  • Jamie Clegg (Referee Coach) 

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