July 4th, 2022BBC Announcement - Manager, Youth Programs and Special Events (Temporary)

Basketball BC is pleased to announce Philippe (Phil) Mvondo will be joining our team July 4, 2022 – January 6, 2023, in the position of Manager, Youth Programs and Special Events.

Connor Ranspot will be taking leave In August and will work with Phil during July. Phil will handle all the Manager, Youth Programs and Special Events portfolio during Connor’s leave.  

Phil grew up in Paris, France where he played basketball at a semi-professional level. After arriving in Canada, he played at La Cité Collégiale in Ottawa. He is currently the Lead Assistant Coach on the women's basketball team with the Trinity Western University Spartans in Langley. Prior to joining the Spartans, he was the Lead Assistant Coach on the men's basketball team at Red Deer College in Alberta. He also coached at the high school level at Holy Cross High School in Surrey. At the Pacific Academy in Surrey, he coached while he worked as the Athletics Coordinator. Besides being a basketball coach, Phil has been working in the school system as an Education Assistant. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages & Linguistics, from Ibn Khaldoun University.

Executive Director, Basketball BC, Shawn Dheensaw, “We look forward to Phil continuing Connor’s efforts working with the Fraser Valley Bandits, leagues in partnership with club basketball, 3x3 tournaments, and Youth Development Camps.”

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