October 16th, 2015Basketball BC's Stephanie at City Hall

Last night at Vancouver City Hall Council Chambers, our own “Steph” was one of three women asked to speak on their experiences achieving what they have and overcoming the obstacles and challenges of being a woman in sport.  Steph joined rowing silver medallist Krista Guloien and activist/athlete/coach/politician Betty Baxter in addressing the crowd of 200+, answering panel questions and responding to audience questions.

It was an informative, educational, entertaining and thought provoking evening understanding 3 very different yet compatible stories.  It was, at times, both enlightening as well eye opening to hear and understand some of the challenges present in 2015!

Steph made a point of noting that having “a team” (friends/family) with you for support was important in so many different ways and Steph’s team was all there to support her

It was a wonderful evening and congrats to Steph as she did herself proud……….as she so eloquently put it she “is now big enough and confident enough to say she is inspired……by herself!”

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