Basketball BC Return to Sport

July 10, 2020

Update #3

How does the Canada Basketball Return to Sport guidelines align with the Basketball BC Return to Sport Plan?   
There is general alignment with Canada Basketball’s Return to Sport guidelines, but each province’s restart plan for sport is different and is based on each province’s situation. Provincial plans must adhere to provincial Ministry of Health and provincial Sport Sector Guidelines.

For example – we are currently aligned with Phase 2 of Canada Basketball’s guidelines while Ontario is still in Phase 1 of the same guidelines.

As a Provincial Sport Organization, our directive from the provincial government, viaSport and WorksafeBC, was to develop the restart plan for the sport of basketball that reflects and best serves our own provincial COVID-19 landscape.

What guidelines should be used when developing an organization’s, club’s, or team’s, safety and program and facility plans?
You should always use the Basketball BC Return to Sport Plan guidelines as they are the most current and adhere to our government and sport sector guidelines.

What is the current stage of the Sport Sector Guidelines?
We are currently in the Transition Measures Stage – see Appendix A – Sport Activity Chart (from viaSport Return to Sport Guidelines for BC).

Is any type of competition currently allowed within the Provincial Sport Sector?
Currently, competition is not allowed for basketball.  However, some sports can have competition within their club or organization, if the 2m distancing requirement can be maintained during competition.  These sports would include tennis, golf, badminton, etc.  

July 6, 2020


We are starting to see and hear news of basketball training starting up again.  However, this does not mean that approval has been given for basketball games to be played. 

Due to the provincial health guidelines for physical distancing, Basketball BC and the BCBOA will not be approving the assigning of referees until the safety and security of referees and table officials can be maximized and the Provincial Government Health and Sport authorities activate a phase of reopening that includes sports competition involving physical contact. 

We will keep you informed as new information becomes available, with the continued focus on moving safely through the COVID-19 issues facing the world. Safety of our BCBOA members remains the number one priority.

In the interim, we highly recommend that referees consider implementing a personal physical conditioning plan and registering for the CBOC Webinar series, to help keep body and mind ready for return to game officiating.

Basketball BC
BC Basketball Officials Association

July 3, 2020

Update #2

Are 2 and 3 person passing drills allowed at this time?  If so, what cleaning protocols should be in place regarding ball/player sanitizing?
Yes, based on the latest viaSport recommendations, 2 or 3 person passing drills are now allowed in the Basketball BC Return to Sport Plan Phase 1 but physical distancing must be maintained. 

Minimum standards recommend that players wash/sanitize hands before and immediately after drills involving ball sharing and partner involvement.  In addition, balls or any shared equipment are to be cleaned before and after use in the shared drills.  Generally, the greater frequency of cleaning the better. 

How often should sanitization/cleaning occur in a practice for players, coaches, and equipment?
Depending on the length of the practice, you should break every 20 minutes (or in between drills) to wash hands and clean equipment.

Are small sided games (1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3) allowed? 
No.  As social distancing of 2m is still a key component of current sport sector guidelines, basketball competition is not allowed in any form - including 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, etc. 

When will officials be assigned games?
Officials will not be assigned to officiate games until viaSport Sector Guidelines allows for competition. 

When will competition be allowed?
In order to advance to competition:

  1. Physical distancing restrictions would need to be eased by the Ministry of Health. This easing of restrictions would allow for body contact.
  2. Adjusted Sector Guidelines would also need to include hygiene and facility requirements that would ensure a safe integration of officials, players and coaches.

June 26, 2020

Starting today, Basketball BC will be communicating weekly Return to Sport updates through email and social media.  The updates will also be posted on on this webpage.

The focus will be to inform and/or update on the status of our Return to Sport, noting any changes that may have occurred due to changes in the Sector Guidelines.  It will also provide a forum to answer and clarify any questions or concerns that coaches and organizations may have with regards to their programming.

Update #1 

How does the announced plans for the province to move into the third phase of its restart plan effect the Return to Sport Sector Guidelines and implications for basketball?
This new phase allows for non-essential travel within the province but still stresses the importance of maintaining social distancing of 2 metres and to continue to stay within your own community of contacts. Adhering to training within your own community of participants is still crucial with regards to contact tracing and exposure. At this point there is no change in the viaSport Sector Guidelines.

As government restrictions ease or change, how will it affect the Return to Sport for basketball and how will it be communicated?
When any new directives are announced from the provincial government, viaSport will make the needed amendments and edits to the Sport Sector Guidelines and will inform the Provincial Sport Organizations. Basketball BC will then make the appropriate adjustments and changes to our Return to Sport plan and will post those changes on our website and announce /communicate them through emails and social media.

How do you maintain Social Distancing with the two player per hoop scenario?
Our recommendation of two per hoop is still based on being able to maintain physical distancing and not sharing equipment (ball). The players would still individually use the hoop and retrieve their own ball – players would alternate use of the hoop – so at any given time only one player would be using the hoop.

How does gym size effect my programming?
Each club, organization, and individual, when planning their program needs to base their plan on their own situation with regards to the size of the gym or facility they are using. For example many smaller elementary size gyms would only allow 1 player per hoop in order to maintain social distancing and perhaps not even use the side hoops, while a large high school gym, two per hoop as described above would be able to maintain the proper distance while ensuring no equipment sharing.

Why do Return to Sport plans vary between Sports and Provinces?
Each Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) develops a Return to Sport plan that best adheres to the Sector Guidelines. Each sport’s guidelines reflect the requirements of the sport and its ability to align with those guidelines.

There are certainly many similarities between each sport’s plan - e.g. maintaining social distancing, limiting number of participants etc. But also, there are differences based on each sport’s requirements of play. Within provinces, specific sport plans will also vary as the plans have to align and adhere to each province’s COVID-19 health guidelines.

June 19, 2020

Basketball BC Return to Sport Plan

On Thursday, June 18th, the Basketball BC Board of Directors approved the Basketball Return to Sport Plan which details the first phase of resuming organized basketball in British Columbia.

The Basketball BC Return to Sport Plan details sport-specific guidelines and adheres with the Ministry approved ViaSport Sector Guidelines and is aligned with the recently released Canada Basketball’s Return to Sport Guidelines.

Under BC’s Restart Plan, sport organizations can consider reopening, but before doing so they must have a detailed plan that follows sport-specific guidelines. As the provincial sport organization for basketball, Basketball BC was charged with developing a basketball-specific Return to Sport Plan focusing on a careful and gradual restarting process. This document outlines the considerations and guidelines for the safe resumption of basketball in B.C.

Our main priority is the safety of our participants including athletes, coaches, and organizers in the basketball community.

The Plan is based on a phased approach of restarting activities and outlines the guidelines, recommendations and directives that need to be part of organization’s considerations when programming any basketball activities.

The goal of the plan is to ensure a safe return to basketball by carefully and gradually returning to basketball in phases that align with public health guidelines. Movement between phases will be determined by public health directives. Any movement between phases will be decided through collaboration with ViaSport and the Provincial Health Office with basketball specific adjustments announced by Basketball BC. This adherence is essential as the opening of activities will be gradual and planned based on current health conditions.

This first phase allows for individual skill training and drills which permit physical distancing. Competitive basketball does not permit physical distancing and should not be played at this time.

These guidelines, recommendations and considerations will be adapted and amended as restrictions are eased and we move into future phases.

June 5, 2020

Below is key information about Basketball BC’s Return to Sport program:

Basketball BC is in the process of writing our Return to Sport and are following the required steps to align it with the recently published viaSport Return to Sport Guidelines.  (Link to viaSport guidelines can be found in our Key Points of RTS Plan document).  Our Return to Sport will align with ViaSport, adhere to the Provincial Health Officer’s Orders and Recommendations, and give advice to any basketball groups looking for assistance in writing their own materials that will be necessary.  Some templates will be included for reference.  Basketball BC’s Return to Sport will be communicated via this space and updated, as necessary.  It is a guide to returning to the sport we all love.

We expect our Return to Sport to be published in the near future, but we share the following KEY POINTS with you now.



May 16, 2020


Basketball BC’s return to sport guidelines are being drafted to align with viaSport and the provincial health officer. They should be completed shortly and will be in line with provincial orders and recommendations.




View viaSport letter outlining the processes and providing more detailed information including FAQ’s


For any further Basketball BC information please contact either:

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